Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Boo To You Halloween (videos to come)

Walt Disney World opened in October 1971, but didn't have a Halloween theme till 1977, and that was just a few characters with masquerade masks on. But in the years since, Halloween has become one amazing time to be in the World.

The Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party started out in the 90s and was only held for a couple of nights, and has now extended to around 52 nights this year. Is it worth the price of an extra hard ticket? YES!!

Beginning at 4 pm you can make your way into the Magic Kingdom, children to adults can come dressed up in some of their best, and worst, costumes. Disney does have a regulation on adults with masks and dressing up as Disney characters, really just don't do it, but you can get away with it as long as you’re not looking just like the characters in park for the safety of the children.  In the past we have run into Catwoman, Kingdom Hearts characters, some of the Happy Haunts from Haunted Mansion, and many more excellent costumes.

The real festivities don't start until the sun goes down. My all-time favorite part is the Headless Horseman running down Main Street before the Boo to You Parade, which is a close second.

The Boo to You Parade features some amazing music (the one song that will always get stuck in my head), and characters. The Hitchhiking Ghosts, Gravediggers, character dressed in their favorite costumes, plus Jack Sparrow!

The villains make appearances all through the night, but the biggest event for them is the Villains Mix and Mingle. Here you have Dr. Facilier starting the show and then joined with the Evil Queen, Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, Maleficent, Cruella Deville, and Claude Frollo for a song and dance. It has recently been ending with Queen of Hearts doing a solo dance. When all dancing and singing is done the villains come down in the crowd for a great meet and great opportunity, the later you do this the better, due to less crowds.

Hallowishes is the big fireworks show for the night. Hosted by the Ghost Host, fireworks shoot off to some different versions of some Disney Classic songs. Jafar, Ursala, and Oogie Boogie also lend their voices for different parts of the fireworks display. At high points toward the end and the grand finale, you can experience the 180 fireworks, which are beautiful.

Many characters are in their usual meet and greet locations, dressed in their Halloween best, and sometimes they even bring friends. Meet and greets of less seen characters pop up around the park, but some are just a short visit. 

The last big item is the big event that happens throughout the night and at many locations in the park, and that is none other than Trick or Treating! Having 220 TONS of candy on hand this year and it was the most candy that they have ever had. This is a fun part of the night, but Beth and I usually forget about it because of trying to get character pictures. 

I hope to add Video and photos later today so that you can see the many things that Disney has to offer and the entertainment value this event has. If you didn't make it this year, I would highly recommend it next year!

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