Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Terror of Running

Allow me to start by saying that I am one healthy fellow. While I don't know how much I can bench, leg press, or even the last time I stepped into a gym. But I do know that I could eat the #4 large size at McDonalds in less than 5 minutes, and still have room for a milkshake and a large Oreo & M&M McFlurry. So if you are getting the mental picture, I am a little over weight. In fact when I started my journey I weighed 277.

My Fiancee and I at my top weight.

I was looking for a way to start losing some weight, and needed the motivation. Around May, Jared and I had talked about our recent trips to the world, and he had discovered runDisney. While I had heard about those psychos that ran anything from a 5K to a full marathon, I found my Hardee's Monster burger, a lot more appealing. Jared use to be into this healthy lifestyle and has actually run a couple of races. As the night went on he had convinced me to try and do this Tower of Terror run in October.  To be honest I just wanted the medal and to attend the Villain Bash, and I would try my hardest to make it to the first mile marker.

I talked to my fiancée for a few days about her thoughts on me taking the challenge, she stated that it would be a good way to motivate me to lose some weight and get to running a little more. So by the last week of May I was a proud participant in The Tower of Terror 10 miler, and Jared was to sign up a couple of days later.

Those few days came and went, I had started looking at the Galloway play to get on my running pace, and I get a text from Jared, the race had closed but he was looking at the alternatives. With this bad news, I started training.

I don't run. In elementary school, I would goof off instead if running the mile. If I can take my car I will, I live 100 yards from Food World, and I drive. For me to start even thinking about starting to run is a huge deal.  I started with just a mile, and I did that for a few days. I would walk one day, and run intervals the next, only taking Sundays off.

However, in July I had my grandmother pass away, and that threw me off the training, when I was finally ready to start back on training, Alabama decided to have a rain storm every night and I wasn't a confident enough runner to go out and try my hand at running in the rain. On top of this Jared called to let me know that he had a commitment that he had to be at on the run weekend, so know I am training to run on my own.

August comes around, and I slowly get back on the running horse. The most I had run when I stopped  was 4 miles, and that's where I picked up. I have slowly worked up a mile a week. As of this week, I have maxed out at 6 miles on an interval run training.

Since June I have lost a total of 20 pounds, thats of this writing. I am oh so very nervous about this run on Saturday, because I do not believe that I am ready for this run. I have heard great things about the spectators, and how they will cheer on everyone that runs/walks by them. I am hoping that this will help and encourage me to get through the entire run.

I will write and update when I return to let everyone know how my first runDisney went!

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