Monday, November 4, 2013

Planning For A Disney World Honeymoon, Part 1

Since this is blog is about Disney trips, and trip planning, I figured that it would be a good idea to keep every one up to date on our honeymoon planning.  Everything that is being planned is going through Kelly at Magical Travel, which has no affiliation with this site.

Our wedding will be in December of next year, and the honeymoon will take place during what is considered the worst time to go to Walt Disney World, the week after Christmas. The reasoning behind this is that we both know that we will have the week off, and that we wanted a Christmas wedding.

The first major decision is of course, where to stay. Over the past 3 years, we have stayed at 3 value resorts and 2 moderate resorts. We have always talked about staying at a deluxe resort, and have debated between the Grand Floridian, and Contemporary resorts. As a kid I remember loving to ride the monorail through the Contemporary. The architecture of that resort is just so beautiful to us. Beth loves the classic feel of the Grand Floridian, and the romantic feel of the hotel. The conversations were many, but I won the battle. The Contemporary gives us a better view of the Magic Kingdom, and with the crowds being like they are during that time, it is a small walk back to the hotel after a day in Magic Kingdom, so Beth agreed.

Now that we have the hotel picked out, it came down to which room.The Contemporary has a multitude of room options, from standard to club level 2 bedroom suite. Since it is our honeymoon, we wanted to go for something that we may not be able to do later in life, so after careful deliberation, we chose the Atrium Level Theme Park room. This room offers a club lounge that serves different refreshments throughout the day, a concierge for the level, health club access, and more. 

The dinning plan is something that sparks a lot of conversations when its brought up on different blogs, podcast, and forums. Personally, I love the dinning plan.  Yes, we may be spending some extra money on food than what we will actually use, but my thoughts are that its prepaid, so I don't have to worry about spending our food money on that oh so cute Winnie the Pooh plush that Bethany has to have.  As of booking, we have the standard dinning, but looking to upgrade to either the deluxe or platinum plan.  The deluxe offers three sit down meals, and two snacks a day, while the platinum includes that plus access to multiple tours, Victoria and Alberts, spa days, and so much more.

We are still outside of our ADRs, they come up in June. What are some restaurants you might recommend to us? Maybe there is something else I need to look into doing, any suggestions?

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