Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 WDW Marathon Weekend Goofy Recap Part 1 - Health and Fitness Expo


What a weekend. I don't really know where to start.

Was I really at Disney? Did all that really happen?

Honestly, the reason why I haven't written this yet is that it's honestly kind of a blur, and I've been having a hard time describing what all was going through my head during this weekend. Where to start? I guess I should start before I even left for Disney on Thursday night.

Thursday night should have told me how wild this weekend was going to end up for me. Once I got home from work, my plan was to eat at good, carb-loaded meal, and get to sleep early. I wanted to leave by 3am for a couple of reason. Number one, the earlier I left, the sooner I would be there, plus lighter traffic. The second reason was to give myself an extra day to get used to getting to sleep early, in order to wake up in plenty of time for the races. So, I ended up eating some Drunken Noodle and fresh Thai spring rolls from a place close to my house.

I couldn't sleep, so at around 11pm, I decided I'd just go ahead and drive down. I could get some doughnuts along the way to keep me going until I got to Disney. That's when I found out. My battery was dead. And the Walmart here closes at 11pm. So back inside I went, to wait until they opened. Sleep did come, and I was up at 6 and ready to hit the road with the new battery at 7am.

Luckily, the drive down was uneventful, with a small exception of all the stops I had to make thanks to trying to make sure I stayed hydrated. Once I hit I-4, I got in touch with Jason, and told him I was headed to the expo for packet pickup.

The Goofy and Dopey pickups were in a separate location than the other runners, so by the time I got there, it was pretty much cleared out. Once I got my bib, I went over and picked up my race shirts and gear bag, then on to the pin pick up, which A-T Children's Project apparently bought for me. There was a smaller runDisney merch tent here, so I took the opportunity to buy the Goofy Challenge magnet. 

Next stop was the Health and Fitness expo itself. I was directed to the entrance (by a less than enthusiastic cast member) around the side of the Josten Center and made my way in. I'm not really sure what I expected, but man, it was huge and crowded. I made my way to the back of the expo where the much larger runDisney merch booth was, since I had already decided not to buy the New Balance shoes this trip. I was completely overwhelmed by all of the merchandise I wanted to buy. I finally found the "I did it!" shirts for the goofy challenge, but the only color they had for men was purple. I decided to hold off buying it since I wasn't too keen on the color. I met up with Jason and Beth there, and we explored the rest of the expo. Or at least I did, and they tagged along, since they had already been there the day prior.

Shortly afterward, I needed to check in to my room at the Contemporary. We made plans to meet up later for dinner and parted ways. I got checked in and made my way to my room in the South Garden Wing. I unpacked, went for a quick shakeout run, and headed for the monorail to meet Jason at the Magic Kingdom. Just before I got on the monorail, I picked up my run packet from A-T Children's Project before they closed down for the night.

Once at the Magic Kingdom, we headed over to Art of Animation for supper, since they have a pasta station. Turns out we got there at just the right time, as a lot of the other runners had the same idea. After a nice filling meal of chicken and pasta, we loaded back on the bus to the Magic Kingdom. Once there, I said goodnight to Jason and Beth, and headed back to the Contemporary. Tomorrow was going to be an early start.

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