Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is It Worth It? Disney Park Tickets

Today we are starting a new series we are calling "Is It Worth It?" We will be talking about runDisney Races, Dining Package, Annual passes, and many more topics that Disney goers look at when planning their trips.

We will start this series with ticket prices, but allow me a little time to give you some history. 

In 1971 we saw the opening of the Magic Kingdom in Orlando to admission tickets costing a whopping $3.50. This was also helped out with the fact that the rides were a separate ticket, the cost depended on the ride. 

The price increased in 1973 to $4.50, 1976 to $6, and 1981 to $9.50. 1981 is where we see the elimination of the attraction tickets. 

We see the first major jump in 1983 when the prices go from $9.50 to $17 after the opening if Epcot in 1982. Over the next 20 years the price increased between $2 and $5 roughly every 2 years. 

In 2005 the price of a admission ticket jumped from $50 to $59.75. Another major jumped happen just 2 years later to $71, with a price increase yearly after that till 2013. Up until 2013 a price to get into any of the 4 theme parks were the same price, but during this year Disney priced the Magic Kingdom at $95 and the other 3 parks at $92. 

This past Sunday the price was increased to $99 for the Magic Kingdom, and $94 for Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. This increase was not due to inflation or standard of living but due to the on goings at Walt Disney World. So is it worth it?

Over the past 3 years Magic Kingdom has opened New Fantasyland, consisting of 4 new attractions, Dwarf's Mine Train (set to open this year) and 2 remodeled rides. They have also put in the Tangled themed rest area and the Pirates Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas. We have also seen My Magic finally come online at all resorts and theme parks, getting rid of the turnstiles and fast pass machines. Rumor is that there will also be an "outer loop" constructed for the hub to help divert the hub traffic. Finally, we have the new Festival of Fantasy Parade is set to open on March 9th.  

But do all these improvements equate to a Disney Ticket being worth the money? With the quality of the service you get while in the park, the dedication to the attention to details in rides and the lands, but on the other hand you have the prices of food, merchandise, and drinks you know they are making money on you and your family no matter if the tickets were $3 or $99.  Also putting into account that you can choose not to rent a car if you are flying in, or leaver your car at the resort if you drive thanks to the Disney Transportation, I believe that the tickets are worth it.

Even though crowd levels are slowing growing in Disney World, the attention to the consumer has never changed.  The refurbishments on rides are always happening, keeping our favorites in beautiful condition, and the cost of maintaining them are on the rise. As Disney fans paying a little more for a trip to see the magical world, is only helping keep it as magical for the next family as it was for your family!

This will not be the last we see of the price jumps, as Disney Springs continues to grow, and Avatarland currently under construction, we will see tickets go up again in the next few years.

When does it get to much to go to Disney World? As long as Disney keeps bringing us amazing lands and the top of the line service that we have come to expect from them, then never. The memories that are made there are invaluable.

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