Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Smash the Half

In about an hour runDisney will be announcing the next runDisney race. People have been speculating in what it would be.

Here's my idea. The Everset Challenge is the shortest weekend we have as a runDisney event. It only host an Obstical   5k race at night with a fun run in the morning. 

This weekend happens to coincide the the Star Wars weekend. In my opinion it would be very benifical to have a Star Wars themed races this weekend. This race could serve as the offical start to Star Wars weekends. And include many characters on the course that aren't seen anywhere else. 

Think about the Star Wars fans that would come out just to run this race. And the 501st is huge in volunteering, so could you imagine a storm trooper water stop? 

What are your thoughts in the pending announcement?

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