Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Is It Worth It? Annual Passes

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the price of the Disney World Park tickets this week I would like to look at the Annual Passes. 

So you are going to Disney World for a long period if time or decide that you want to go multiple times if the year and you figure that getting an Annual Pass (AP) will save you some money.  

As always, let's look at the types and pricing of the passes. There are 2 types of APs, regular and premium. The share a lot in common including getting you into all 4 parks in any day, discount on food, merchandise, and Disney hotels. The only difference is the Premium gives you access to Disney Quest at Downtown Disney, the 2 water parks and unlimited access to ESPN Wide World of Sports and the Oak Golf Trail (some events will cost extra at the two facilities).  The regular AP is $675.00 and is roughly equal to an 11 day park ticket with park hopper. The premium AP is $803 and roughly equal to a 12 day ticket with park hopper and water park fun and more. 

Another perk is the Tables in wonderland card, which is only for passholders, DVC, and Florida residents. This gives you a 20% off of your table meals while in Disney World. 

The annual passes are an optimal way to get around the parks during your long stays or even if you live a few hours from the World.  So if you are planning a week and a half vacation for July, and also a few days for the Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon in November, buying the annual pass will potential save you money. 

If there are any down sides, it would be deciding which one we got. I got the premium a few years ago for the thoughts of going into the water parks, but I never stepped foot in one while I had the pass. We did go into Disney Quest for about an hour, but I didn't take advantage of what we had paid for.  I should also say not being able to get to the parks as much as we would like. 

There are a couple of ways to pay for them. If you are Florida resident, you can do monthly installments. Maybe your on the fence on buying one and you get down to the world and decide that you want to buy one. You can take what you paid in your park tickets and apply it to your annual pass to make a cheaper ticket. DVC members also get a small discount for a short period of time. 

We love our annual passes, and recommend them to anyone who goes to the World multiple times a year. 


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