Friday, March 21, 2014

Review: Muppets Most Wanted

We have talked about doing reviews in the blog for a while, and as I was entering the theater tonight I figured this might as well be the test run. We will try and do reviews in most major Disney releases while trying not to spoil anything in the movie. 

Three years ago we saw the Muppets return to the big screen with help of Jason Segel, and while the attention was drawn more to the human characters than the muppets, the movie was well received. 

This year we have Muppets Most Wanted  with the story focusing around Constantine, the worlds most dangerous frog, tricking the Muppets in believing that he is Kermit.  With the help of Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais), Constantine leads the Muppets in a world tour, leaving Kermit in prison wondering when his friends will come find him. 

This movie is a great family film, packed with silly jokes, celebrity cameos, musical numbers, some action, and a heart felt message but still lacks a certain something. 

The songs were catchy, but not near the level of song writing from the first film. The musical numbers themselves are some what cheesy when preformed. And while it focuses a lot more on the Muppet cast than the human cast, it doesn't feel like the muppets that we grew up on, but that could just be me not letting go of the classic movies and shows. 

The story is well written, with a heart warming ending. It does feel like they are taking the right step to get the Muppets back to their glory. 

I would give this movie a solid 7/10, and would recommend it to any Muppet lover. 

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