Monday, April 7, 2014

Is It Worth It? Star Wars Weekends

With May just around the corner, and trip plans being made that might surround Star Wars Weekends, I thought it would be the perfect time to as the question of is it worth it?

Star Wars Weekends take place from May 17 - June 15 in Hollywood Studios. The weekends include: special apperances of Star Wars Chracters, Disney Characters dressed in their best Star Wars Costumes, meet and greets with stars from the Star Wars franchise, a nighttime show themed around Star Wars, exclusive merchandise, and a chance to carbon freeze yourself. 

I personally have only made it to one Star Wars weekend, and that was last year's opening weekend. I highly enjoyed myself. However, because of being the first day of the first weekend, the lines were crazy! Darth Mall, the merchandise tent, was set up in the backstage area in between Tower of Terror and Rock 'n Rollercoster, had a line at rope drop that extended back to Tower. We waited for over 2 hours to get into the tent. 

We actually made it in before we were suppose to do to the fact that I had a Carbon Freeze Me appointment. 

Carbon Freeze Me has yet to be announced this year, as of this writing, but is a great item to have. They take multiple pictures of your face, and will put it on either a Storm Trooper, or will Carbon Freeze you. I chose Carbon freeze, it was a little costly, $175 if I remember right, but the product is amazing. 

After getting in to the limited edition merchandise line, it took another 2 hours to collect what we wanted and check out. I'm just going to say thank goodness for park to resort delivery. 

Also inside of Darth's Mall, is a separate photo op line for meet and greets with a rotating characters. You will also find many characters around the park. The Backlot area was full of Empire characters and you could find the Alliance Charcters through out. Jedi Mickey, Darth Goofy, Princess Minnie, and Storm Tropper Donald, among others make apperances also. 

They have introduced special character dining this year during the weeks of Star Wars weekend a dinner with the Disney characters in Star Wars Costumes at Hollywood and Vine, and an Empire themed breakfast and SciFi Dine in. Prices varey and ADRs are strongly encouraged. 

I was unable to attend any of the Q&As with the stars, because the fast passes for them where gone before I has the chance to get them. And as Mark Hamil is a guest this week, the June 6th weekend, I expect that they will be gone just as fast this year. 

Overall the crowds were heavy and a lot of waiting in lines. However, conversations were easy to start with everyone's mutual enjoyment of the Star Wars Franchise. There were many people that were in costumes, some a little more risky than others, and lot of 501st members in their awesome costumes. 

Is Star Wars Weekends worth it? Yes and no. If you are not a die hard fan and can go with out a lot if the limited edition merchandise then I would not go on the the opening weekend or even when a big name was to be there. All you die bards will enjoy the company and costumes of the busier weekends. 

Make your choose and plan in having a lot of fun. And May the force be with you! 

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