Saturday, April 19, 2014

Is Walt Disney World Disappointing? has listed it's 10 most disappointing travel destinations in the world, and Walt Disney World has made the list. They state:

"Paying $99 per day to be trapped in a park surrounded by other peoples' children and fully grown adults who like Disney? No thanks. Even a bottle of water will run you $2.50 once you're within reach of the Mouse's greedy grasp. And if you're thinking about purchasing a "specialty" cocktail to numb the pain of being at Disney World, you'll have to shell out $8.50 per drink."

I will say that as Disney Fans, we all see little things that we think Disney might not do great, but I believe that what we pay for is a great experince. 
From the way I read the article, it sounds like the author just went to Disney World without a plan, and with a closed mind. As Jared pointed out in the last article, Disney is marketed to kids, but you can still have a great time as a non Disney fan adult, as long as you keep an open mind an heart if a child!
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What do you think about the Smarter Travel article? What would you have told the author to do next time they visit Walt Disney World?

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