Thursday, April 24, 2014

The All New Mickey Mouse Club: 25 year Anniversary

It seems like there are a lot of Disney Anniversaries going on lately. MGM Studios (Yes, I said MGM, since that's what it debuted as), Carousel of Progress, It's a Small World have all celebrated them in the last month or so. But today, there is another anniversary. One that probably made bigger impact on me than the parks and rides. And that is The All New Mickey Mouse club.

Growing up, I can remember when The Disney Channel was one you had to subscribe to, if you wanted it. And in 1989, my family finally got the package that included it. I can remember coming home from school and hurriedly trying to get my homework done (how ever much I may have actually had when I was in 3rd grade) by 4:30pm, so I didn't miss the show. While I don't remember all of the songs, skits, and serials they showed, I do remember "Teen Angel" where Jason Priestley (from 90210) played a guardian angel, named Buzz, assigned to help Dennis navigate through some teenage stuff, so he can get in to Heaven. I also remember joining "The Club", which was the official fan club of The All New Mickey Mouse Club. Though I have no idea where any of the membership kit is now.

It was around this time that my family had the chance to go to Disney World. MGM had recently opened and TANMMC was being filmed there. I remember going on the back lot tour, hoping to catch a glimpse of the show being filmed. Also hoping to run in to any cast members, especially Tiffini or Brandy, haha. I also remember hounding my parents to find out which of the stores in MGM Studios sold. The answer was unfortunately, none. I did end up with a TANMMC t shirt though.

Photo Credit: Dan Alexander
This show, along with all the classic Disney cartoons, was a huge part of my TV experience growing up. I still don't really understand (other than possible licensing issues) why they don't have it available. Maybe one day, Disney will have a channel like TV Land or a programming block like Nick at Nite, where they show the classic cartoons, movies, and shows on a consistent basis. Until then though, I'll have to rely on memories and grainy youtube clips. M-I-C See you real soon! K-E-Y Why? because we like you M-O-U-S-E

Happy Anniversary!

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