Thursday, May 15, 2014

Disney trip, minus the parks!

This past weekend, we (Jason and Beth) had the opportunity to go to Disney World, but because we had let our APs lapse, and we chose not to go in the parks during the day to save money.

But why would you go to Disney and not go in the parks? There is so much more to Disney World than the parks! Let's start with the resorts, we had the opportunity to stay in the amazing Animal Kingdom Lodge, where at pretty much every window there is a view of the savannah. There are plenty of places to just sit, relax and watch the animals have fun. At night they have night vision goggles for you to view the animals better at night.

The Epcot resorts also have plenty to do. We started by getting on a bus and rid in to Hollywood Studios, and took the beautiful and quiet walkway to the Boardwalk Resort. Once there we spent time walking around and looking through the many shops that they had. Unfortunately due to rain, they didn't have any of the boardwalk games open for us to try.

As we continued to walk, we went past the International Gateway at Epcot, and got a small peek at what was happening, and jealous that we were missing out. If you've never been in Beach or Yaht Clubs, you are missing out. While there is not much shopping, the theming in these resorts are just beautiful. In fact a young couple was having their wedding photos taken at the Yaht club the afternoon we walked through.

Disney World still has a lot more to offer. Downtown Disney, soon Disney Springs, has plenty of shopping and entertainment all around. Just be patient due to all the construction, there are a lot of places that bottleneck fast. Disney Quest, you will need admission, it is a fun and interactive arcade style experience. And the Lego Store has a place for your children, and you, to build something small. Circus De Soleil is also a deprecate admission, but is a fun show to whine down to. And those are just the tip of the many experiences you have at Downtown Disney.

The Disney Transportsion systems are a great way to see and experince new areas of Disney world with out paying for a thing. Hop on one of the ferries on the Seven Seas Lagoon, and ride across for a soothing ride with energetic children waiting to see their favorite character.

Take a ride on the famous Disney world Monorail system, and take in the overhead veiws of Epcot, and surrounding areas, maybe even learn a few new things.

Over at Downtown Disney? Get in a friendship boat and ride to Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter for a quite time off your feet. Once there take a horse drawn carriage ride around the two resorts, for a little extra fee.

Want to watch Wishes at the Magic Kingdom? Head back over to the monorail loop. The Polyenisian, Contemporary and Baylake Tower all have great views. However, if you want the best views, try and get a reservation at California Grill for dinner, or find a DVC member friend that can take you to the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower. These two places overlook the Magic Kingdom and sync the music of Wishes with the Fireworks. A good place to have a drink and whine down from a long day.

There is so much more to do at Disney world without going in the parks, from mini golf to PGA golf course, driving stock cars to driving jet skies, I just haven't done it all, yet.

What's your favorite thing to do while you aren't in a park? Let us know!

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