Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Future of Pin Trading

There are those certain things we all like to do while we are in Disney World, it may be eating some popcorn at the hub in Magic Kingdom, or a Mickey Bar at the World Showchase Lagoon. It's just tradition and you have to do it.

One of the big traditions a lot of us have in common is pin trading. Whether you wear a lanyard or carry a book to trade out of, it's something that we have come to love.

I can remember standing in line for a bus to Epcot one morning a few years back, I had a decent size Star Tours pin featuring Darth Vader and some Stromtroopers that I loved. A little boy walked up to me and asked if I would like to trade pins with him, so I knelt down and asked which one he would like, and of course, it was my Star Tours pin. I had no regrets giving up that pin for a purple fuzz ball pin. But that little boy talked about it and looked at it all the way to Epcot. I had just made a little boy's day.

But with the recent introduction of the Magic Bands and their BandIts, the visitors that come every few years, aren't wearing as many lanyards anymore.  So I pose this question, what is the future of pin trading in Disney World?

As we start to see the sales of Bandits on the rise, will we be seeing the castmembers have Bandits to trade with other guest, with addition of pins to trade as well?

We have starting seeing more special addition pins coming out, this year is a SpectroMagic collection, to help boost the sells of pin sells, but after talking with a castmember on my most recent trip she stated that even those were not as popular as she had thought they would be.

With less pins being seen around Walt Disney World, we could expect to see a decrease in sells of the popular pins. Slowly Magic Band sections are starting to be added to the pin trader stores. The next generation of not so frequent park goers won't be exposed to the need for a lanyard, or the pins.

Am I saying that pin trading as we know it is gone? Absolutely not. There is still a lot of frequent park goers that buy, collect, and trade pins. We also have to remember that Walt Disney World is currently the only resort with the Magic Bands and that means sells and trading is still possibly just as promanate today as it was just a few years ago in the other Disney Resorts around the world. 

What do you think? Will the pins slowly go the way of Horizons? And be a memory to all of us, or will Disney continue to sell these beautiful items around the resort for future generations?

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