Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The highs and lows of the new Star Wars runDisney Race

I don't function very well in the mornings. Especially after a holiday. So when I was checking twitter this morning, and I saw the let the wookiee win hashtag, I was the most awake person in the world.

Finally! runDisney was going to be putting on a Star Wars themed race. I had it all worked out in my head. It made the most sense to put it in Orlando, as a compliment to The Avengers Super Hero Half marathon. They could even have a "custom" coast to coast medal, like they do for Princess and Tink weekends.

I was so ready. Then, I started seeing the rumblings that it would be in DL and be the weeekend after WDW marathon weekend. The weekend after the new Castaway Cay challenge. I don't understand.

Honestly, had they announced this first, I would have forgone the goofy this year. And I think rD knows that. This "announcement" has zapped all of my excitement for my upcoming runDisney races, and that is so sad. I should be better than this. I should be excited they are doing something.

But I'm not. I'm upset. I'm upset that my ideas weren't right. I'm upset that the DL fans seem be be REALLY enjoying rubbing this in the WDW'ers faces right now. But I'm mostly upset because I can't make it work and I'll never be a "master jedi" (Jason and I came up with that one afternoon, describing the people who will have never missed a SW Race) like some of the "perfect princesses" I follow on twitter.

So congrats to everyone who'll have the chance to do this. The only way this is salvaged, as far as I am concerned (for me anyway) is if both coasts get a Star Wars race. But me? I'm going to take some time to decompress. it's already been too much of a roller coaster this morning.


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  1. i had a feeling that they were doing something with the weekend after they moved the tinkerbell, This was the first year that i did not sign up for the wdw weekend races i need a break after the craziness that is the dopey i did last year.