Monday, June 9, 2014

Is It Worth It? Night of Joy

Every September Disney has a hard ticket event called Night of Joy. This event is sponsored by World Vision, and is a Christian Music Festival.

This festival has 3 stages, The Castle Stage, Tomorrowland Stage, and a Frontierland stage.  The Featured artist preform on the Castle Stage, while the smaller acts are pushed to the side stages.  Disney music is put on mute, as the local Christian Radio Station is played through out the park.

The tickets for this event are $59 for one night and $108 for both nights. Group rates are available for groups 10 or more, and have perks like a free ticket for either Disney Quest or 1 of the Disney water parks.

The park opens to the tickets holder at 4pm, and gives access to all the park until the park officially closes to the non ticket holders at 7pm. Once closed, there is a limited number of restaurants and attractions for those left in the park.

Once the concerts begin, its a great atmosphere to enjoy great music around the stage areas. With many of the artist utilizing the fireworks and lighting effects that the Magic Kingdom has to offer. As you get away from the concert venues, is where the annoyance begins. As I have stated before, I am a youth minister and I had planned to take my youth group to this weekend. The majority of the youth that are with youth are not well chaperoned, and not well behaved.

Stories from castmembers state that there have been multiple teens kicked out for sexual activities in the park, and most don't want to work this particular event.  However, I never saw any of these activities take place. 

Special Merchandise for this event is very limited, a few shirts (with the same design) and a pin. We searched for artist merchandise and didn't see anything. Set up to sell. 

So in the end, is this event worth the money? I would say that if you are an adult and enjoy Christian Music, then yes it can be, if you can get past the unruly youth. As a youth minister, if you have enough chaperones to watch over the youth that you are taking then also yes, but if you get a group together and don't have the chaperone support, then no, please avoid this event.

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