Friday, June 27, 2014

Was Disney Banking to much on Planes and not enough faith in Frozen?

With Thursday's announcement that Hollywood Stuidos will be hosting a Frozen party from July 5 - September 1, something got me wondering. Over the past 7 months Disney has been playing catch up with the Frozen fascination, because they didn't put enough merchandise in stores and the princesses have had to be moved from Norway to Fairytale Hall because of the underestamed wait to meet them. So one can ask how was Disney not prepared for this. 

This is my opinion, last summer Disney Animation had a movie that they were banking on, so much so they had announced a sequel for this year before it came out! What movie was that? Planes. You could go in any toy store and find the Planes toys right next to the Cars toys. Disney was banking in the fact that because Cars was so big, that their spinoff would be easily just as big. The promotion went in to the parks before the movie was released as well. 

Now look at Frozen. Was there merchandise for the movie in stores? Yes, but very limited. There was cross promotion in the theme parks, but once again not as much as Planes. The Disney stores were having raffles at one point so that the merchandise wasn't a first come first serve bases. 

We continue to look, and Disney never stated anything about a sequel before it's release, but since the movie hit so big, Disney has now put a Frozen themed Disneg on Ice show in works, a supposed musical in works (something that took Aladdin over 15 years to get), and mumbles of a sequel. 

And honestly it's hard to judge what a movie is going to do. Rapunzel was a hit, we waited 2 hours for a picture with her in 2011, Wreck It Ralph was a hit, but not the means of long waits for meets and merchandise flying off the self. Planes didn't fly well in the box office, and the merchandise is still on shelves from last summer, ok not really but it's not a demand. 

I love Disney movies, mostly the animated, but when they have these princess movies in the pipe line, really any movie, they should have plans in hand so we don't get a party for the characters 7 months after the movies release.  

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