Monday, August 4, 2014

Managing Crowds at Disney

When planning a Disney trip, some questions you may have are: where do we need to stay? What's a good place to eat? How much is a tshirt?

But how many times do you ask, what are the crowds going to be like while I'm in Disney World?

There are multiple resources for keeping up with the crowds, my favorite is They have no affiliation with this site, but they are an amazing resource. On this site, you can look up the time frame you will be in Disney world and see the predictions for how crowded the parks will be, and they have been pretty accurate. 

When you see that you will be at Disney World, during a crowded time, how do you deal with them?

1.) Patiences
The first and biggest is of course patiences. Lines will be long, with all the construction happening in Disney World, there will be a lot if bottle necking. Be prepared to wait for tour groups to pass by (or run through). I know you spent a lot of money on this possibly once in a life time trip, but so did everyone else that is there. 

2.) Arrive Early
If you are staying on Disney property you may be able to take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours that happen at some of the parks in the morning. If you are staying off property, arrive in time for rope drop atleast. I know what your saying "But we are in vacation and we don't want to get up early." And that is what the majority of the resort guest are thinking, so that makes it even better for those that are willing to get up early. When we went on New Years Eve a few years back, we made it to rope drop and rode all three of the mountains within 1 1/2 hour. You wouldn't be able to do that later in the day. 

3.) Afternoon Breaks
This one goes hand in hand with #2, go ealry and get rides and meets in so that you can leave the park and take a nap, go swimming, or just relax at your resort. With the summer coming to a close, we can forget that it still stays warm in Florida for a few more months, so taking a break in the middle of the day will help relax you and get you out of the humid weather and sweaty crowds. 

4.) Don't Be that group. 
We all know that groups go to Disney World, and my biggest pet pev about these groups is that they walk side by side every where and cause crowd jams because of their slow moving group. Don't be that group. Yes this may be a family trip, but walk behind each other so that more people can move around you. And you'll be able to move around those bigger groups a little easier. 

5.) Take advantage of the parades and night time shows!
The night time shows are very popular, and bring the crowds in to see them. If you are an avid Disney goer, it may be best to skip the shows, and parades. During this time you will she a decrease of wait times for the bigger rides that you may want to ride, but couldn't get your fast pass for. 

Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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