Thursday, August 7, 2014

Star Wars is going to make a bigger presence in Disney Parks

As you have probably heard by now, Disney's CEO, Bob Iger, was quoted as saying they are "developing designs for a far greater 'Star Wars' presence" in the parks. 

As we all know, Disney aquirred Lucas Films in October 2012, and has plans of releasing multiple Star Wars movies. But we never had an offical announcement of  more Star Wars coming to the parks. 

At D23 last year it was teased that there could be future attractions coming, and the fans have even been talking about what they would like to see come to the parks. 

Rumors from the Disney Community for  Star Wars in parks have been anywhere for a 5th Gate, to a complete over haul of Disney's Hollywood Studios to include a Star Wars Land. 

The villians of the films and tv shows have made their way into DHS for Star Wars Weekends, The Villians Unleashed party this year, and tower of terror. But other than that we don't see to much of the characters. 

What would you like to see Disney do with Star Wars themed attractions?

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