Thursday, September 18, 2014

Guest Post: Why do I love Disney?

Hey, there! Let me introduce myself! I am Brittney Smith, Disney Travel Planner!

I am just thrilled to have the opportunity to do a few guest posts with the guys at DisEnvy!


When you ask me..."why do you love Disney so much?"
well! That is a loaded question.

I have since I was a little girl.  I think it's just part of my genetic make-up (and thankfully my kids got my genes too :)

So, as my boys grew, and we made visit after visit, I loved watching our lives happen, season by season. I love "remember when" times, with each visit.
I loved our first Disney Cruise, and the moment when my 4-year-old said this was his "best day ever" and then our first visit to Disneyland, when I turned the corner and said outloud "ooooh, look at the little tiny castle"

I didn't dislike Disneyland because it was "smaller" I loved it,because it was familiar, cozy and intimate.

And I love every visit to every park, for it's own special reason. Sometimes, we just need a break from life, sometimes we take another family with us for their "first visit". Sometimes it's a girls trip, for Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend, and sometimes, it's a "date weekend" with no kids :)

And so when God presented the opportunity for me to be a Disney Vacation Planner, I knew it was the perfect fit. It was something I was already doing...helping my friends plan their trips, dreaming with them, park planning with them, what to do...what not to do, etc
And I still love it today! I love sharing memories with them. I have planned a few honeymoons, and then later, planned a "first visit" for their new child! What an extreme pleasure!

I truly love my "job" and yes, it's a job. And it certainly has a few downfalls, but honestly, they are outnumbered by the great moments, of helping others, and sharing my passion of a magical vacation with other families!

And when people ask "do you ever get tired of it?" the answer is no. Truly, I don't. I could go over and over, and we always find something new, or something that is our favorite spot, or just a mental break from it all, as we stroll Right Down The MIddle Of Main Street USA :)

I would love to help you and your family make your Disney Vacation dreams come true! Stop by our facebook page, or follow me on twitter!

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