Monday, September 8, 2014

Why Do I Love Disney: Jason

We are about to hit our one year anniversary of the blog, and while talking to Jared, we noticed that we haven't really talked about why we really love Disney, and the parks. So for the sites anniversary, we will both be creating a blog about our love for the company.

I have always had some type of interest in the Disney Parks. From one of the first trips, where I got lost, to the Night of Joy trip we took last week all of them have a place in my heart.  But a little history to start. 

My love for Disney really started, like all of us, at a young age. Growing up watching the renaissance of the Disney animated movies (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and so on), and the beginning of the Disney Channel. 

I was young when I took my first trip to Disney, maybe 6 or 7, and another one shortly after my grandfather passed away. I don't remember which trip was which, but I do remember getting lost in the Mgic Kingdom, around Liberty Square, because I was playing with my Goofy hat, and not paying attention. 

It was years before my next trip. But I always knew I wanted to to return. Seeing the advertisements on TV for the different promotions and of course that hideous pink birthday cake castle, which at that time I thought was awesome, for the 25th anniversary of Magic Kingdom. Seeing shows like Boy Meets World, and Full House that had made their way to Disney world for different reasons was always a must watch when they came on. 

In 2000, I took my first trip without my family. The high school band I was in went down for a Marching and Cincert competition. It was only for a few days, we left at Midnight on Wednesday and returned in Sunday. A lot of memories were made on that trip, and is the first trip I can really remember doing different attractions. During this weekend I only went into Disney's MGM Studios and the Magic Kingdom, because I was to old for the zoo ( Animal Kingdom) and I didn't want to learn anything at Epcot. This was the year that they were building the soon dreaded hat at the end of Hollywood Blvd, which is where we marched down for our marching competition. 

That trip was a start to a love that I never knew. While I was in my teenage years and fell off the Disney train, I still longed to go to the park. I didn't know why or how, but I wanted to go. 

It was soon into college, where I was dating a Disney fan and we talked about doing the College Program her sophomore year in college (she was a senior in High School), but the world turns and as I got more and more excited, our relationship didn't last. I ditched my plans for college and the college program, even though I really wanted to be there. 

So in 2011, I had been dating Bethany for 6 years, going on 7 and we decided to go to Disney, after are great mentors at church had been 2 times and where all excited about it. So we booked and planned the trip that was soon to be the Disney Engagement trip. And my love for Disney was completely rekindled. 

We planned to go once a year, which soon turned to 3, and now is at 4 just so far this year, with 2 more to come. 

I say all of this not to brag or drag on an article, but to show you that there many gaps in my life that didn't involve Disney. And it wasn't I till 2011, that I actually caught the Disney bug hard. Planning my Disney trip that year was an addiction. I found myself on the Mom's panel at least 4 times a day, looking at all the Resturant menus weekly, listening to podcast and read blogs about Disney, just so I could get more. 

But I still didn't know what to expect as my first adult trip. Once we checked in to French Quarter that December afternoon, I really knew the level of attention that Disney gives, not only to their product but more so to their customer.  The amount of joy that overcomes a child when a castmember does something small for them is amazing, or when the castmember goes out if their way to give you a little congrats on your engagement, happy birthday or just a smile just makes a person feel even more apperciated. 

On the side with children, we love the meet and greets, I'll do them buy myself if need be, but the best part is that little girl meeting Cinderella or the little boy meeting Buzz for the first time. Knowing they just met their favorite character and leave out talking about that experince is addicting. We know all the magic that happened behind the scenes for the characters, but that little boy or girl, will promise that they are real. 

Lastly the Disney Fans. Have you planned your first Disney Trip, but no nothing about what your are getting into? There are many Blogs, Discussion boards, podcast, and websites to help you out. Some are more popular than others, but they all will give you some great advice to ponder on. Even more so the fans are family, you go enough you will meet people that you never thought you would meet and when you get home and talk about your exoerince, you'll find those closet Disney fans that want to talk as well. 

These are just a few reasons I love Disney. What do you love about the parks?

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