Monday, October 13, 2014

The Changes are a Coming

Over the past couple of months, Disney has announced pletty of changes coming to their Orlando theme parks.

We first got wind that American Idol Experince was to close at the beginning of 2015, which was then moved to early September. Then comes the entertainment changes in Epcot, with much of their live entertainment in world showcase (Mo'Rockin', Off Kilter, Spirit of America Drum and Fife Crop, and The World Showcase performers) would soon be coming to an end and replaced by other entertainment options. 

Maelstrom was the next on the list, when it was announced on the Disney Parks Blog, that it would be closing on October 6th for a Frozen overhaul. And a few weeks ago we heard that Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios would be closing its doors by that Saturday, which did come to be true. 

So what does this mean for Disney World in general? 

These changes, while hard in the die hard fans, will be great for Walt Disney World. Disney knows that they have to compete with Universal down the road. After they threw down the gauntlet with the Wizarding World areas of both parks, and Disney's response was the so-so New Fantasyland. 

With the popularity of Frozen this summer at Hollywood Studios, and the animated movie being a great success this past year, Disney decided that they need to take advantage of this popularity and close Malestorm to change it over to a Frozen attraction with a rumored meet and greet for the princesses. Now while there is a fuss about the fake country of Arendelle coming into the very real countries of the World Showcase, I believe that this will only start drawing more children into this part of Epcot and giving them the interest in learning more about the countries of the world. 

Moving over to Disney's Hollywood studios, we have seen American Idol and Backlot both close in the recent months, with on going rumors that Indiana Jones Stuntshow and Lights Motors Action will be next. This park has been in dire need of attention, as most of it is out dated in some way.  With the closure, or future closure, of such big areas, it could only mean a few things. 

The first is a rumored Carsland expansion to the park like Califorina Adventure got a couple of years ago. I personally don't see anything like that happening in Florida, at least not to that extent. If Disney put that much money in DCA, they want everyone to come to DCA. When putting Carsland in both coast one will suffer. 

The next is a Star Wars and Pixar Place expansion. This is the one I would bank on. This would have a Star Wars area built around the existing Star Tours attraction, and Pixar Place expanding back to Backlot Tour. 

Pixar Place has a rumored third track for Toy Story Mania being put in the old soundstage that is next to the attraction, with some Carsland attractions and new attractions coming. 

No word or rumors yet about what will be going into the Star Wars land, but there is talk that Streets of America may be removed for the footprint of Star Wars to become bigger. I also think we can look forward to drinking some Blue Milk at Tattoinee Catina. 

With all the changes in just these two parks, and hopefully the addition of the Star Wars and Pixar Place, Disney will put in the detail that Universal has put into the Harry Potter and Simpsons areas. This is all wins for the Disney Fans when the competition throws it's gauntlet down, and Disney feels threaten. 

So what do you think? Is there a land that you would like to see come into Disney's Hollywood Stuidos? Let us know. 

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