Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How to relax at Walt Disney World

It's been a couple of month since the last time I was at Disney World, but when ever I think of the trip I always go back to the last day. I know that's an odd thing to say, everyone dreads that last day, but it was one of the most enjoyable times I've had in a long time. You see, when ever we plan a trip, it's always a fast pace schedule trying to hit all we can it possibly the shortest amount of time we have.

The Tower of Terror weekend end was just the opposite. Yes I was on the go the whole time, but Sunday was the exception. We spent the majority of the day at Downtown Disney, and to be more specific, in the Marketplace. We sat around Earl of Sandwich for around an hour, after a little bit of shopping, just shooting the breeze about the menace, where to eat, and other random Disney topics. 

So how does one relax in a place that is met with the idea of constant moving?

My first suggestion will be to just take it slow. No matter if you will be in the parks for a weekend or a few weeks, already have it in your mind that you won't be able to do everything in one trip. Have a plan on the attraction you want to see get FastPasses for them, and hit up the lower wait time attractions. It took Beth and I a few trips before we got on Peter Pan's Flight, because it wasn't high on our list, but it made it all the better when we finally got to see what everyone was waiting so long to see. 

Don't be afraid to take time and walk around the resort. One of the quietest parts of the tower weekend was when I walked from Downtown back to Saratoga. The resort is so massive and quiet that I just had time to take in the beauty of it all. Even on our first trip, when we stayed at French Quarter, we were able to walk the small resort during the busiest part of the year, but still felt that we had the resort to ourselves.

Take the waterways when you can. The Boat transportation is often overlooked in the bigger transportation world. Everyone wants to go on the Monorail, or have to take the buses, but the boats have that soothing ride to them. When ever we stay at the Port Orlean Resorts, we will always take the boats to Downtown Disney.  It may take a few extra minutes, but no one will be stepping on our feet, strollers won't be in the way, and you get to smell some uniques smells of Disney. 

Finally, spend a day in Downtown Disney. Yes, there is major construction happening in that area right now, but the cool thing about Downtown is the relaxed atmosphere. You can take your time going through the shops, sit outside in the beautiful Orlando area, and just people watch. And because it's free to go to, you don't have to waste a park ticket to do anything in there. 

How do you relax at Walt Disney World? Share them with us!!

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