Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Disney Christmas Wish List

It's that time of year to turn in your Christmas list to Jolly Ole St. Nick, so here is my Christmas list for Walt Disney World:

Pandora: Land of the Avatar to be complete all at once or even early.
I figure start it off with a stretch. We all know that the new Animal Kingdom land is set to open in late 2017, however we don't know if it will be a phased opening like New Fantasyland did and Disney Springs is set to do. With Universal opening major rides or lands pretty much every year it seems like, one would expect that Disney would up there game and try get Pandora open in a timely fashion, but from recent overhead pictures, its not looking good.

Pandora Progress picture Nov 30 2014 Picture Credit:
The announcement of Star Wars Land and Hollywood Studio overhaul
There is something going on at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Over the past few months, we have lost 4 attractions, and the Tower of Terror race weekend. Disney is keeping its lips shut about what they have planned for this park. Jim Hill had stated on one of his podcast, that not only is DHS is fixing to be getting a facelift, but another name change, to Disney's Hollywood Adventure (since it is no longer a working studio why keep the studios?). This face lift will include the grateful loss of the Sorcerer's Hat, along with the rumored Pixar Place expansion to include many rides seen in other parks. But the biggest part will be the Star Wars Land announcement. We can probably expect to see this announcement come in August at the D23 convention.

Please Stop with Frozen
Yes, we get it, Frozen is massively popular, but do we need something frozen every month? With Christmas this year we see Frozen taking over the Castle Lighting show, the Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, the Televised Christmas Day parade, and the gingerbread display in the Contemporary resort. While all have been, or in case of the Christmas Day Parade will be, done with care and all look great, but enough is enough. This time last year, we only had a meet and greet with Anna and Elsa, now every park (besides Animal Kingdom) has something Frozen related in it or coming to it.

Gingerbread Display in the Contemporary Resort (Photo Credit

Speed Up the Construction 
Ever since Universal started ramping up their new projects, they have turned them out in a pretty fast pace, while Disney has been taking their time on projects (4 years for Pandora? over a year for a parking deck??) While Disney will always stay relevant in the theme park world, it has started to lose its ranking with the other orlando parks because of how fast they are turning out new attractions and lands. We do love the time that Disney puts into the details when building an attraction, we appreciate being able to enjoy the area or attraction more.

Stop With Construction in Major areas 
If you go to any of the 4 parks anytime this year, you will have seen some type of major construction happening. From the Hub expansion at Magic Kingdom, to the expansion around the Tree of Life for the night time show at Animal Kingdom, there are walls just about every where. Once again, we love that Disney is improving itself, but can we go a year with our walls every where? Understanding that rides will need refurbished, and walls will be needed, but I am talking about walls that don't go down for months. It's a complete eyesore.

Bring Marvel into Walt Disney World 
Now I know why this can't come to reality right now, but I also knew I wasn't getting to stay in Cinderdella Castle for the honeymoon. With the recent hack of Sony, we saw that Marvel (owned by  Disney) was willing to talk with Sony about requiring the rights to Spider-Man so that he could appear in the next Captain America movie  and over the past year we have seen Disney walk the line a little more with the Marvel Characters in their Florida park, Big Hero 6 meet and greet and a Garduians of the Galaxy dance party both appeared in Hollywood Studios in some way. I am by no means saying that we need Marvel rides in the parks, just some presents there. Disneyland resort has a Thor and Caltain America meet and greet, and also housed the different armors from Ironman. Something even as simple as these could be nice for us Disney World goers. 

Get rid of Stitch's Great Escape
It speaks for itself, the ride is horrible, even though I went on in more this year than ever before (2 times). Replace it with something worth the wait and that we can have fun with. Something Tron maybe??

What's on your Disney Wish list? Let us know below!

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