Sunday, February 1, 2015

An Icon Coming Down: The Sorcerer's Hat Removal

On January 7, Disney started to remove the icon for the past 14 years of Disney's Hollywood Studios. Over the past few weeks most Disney fan blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts have been posting pictures of the slow demise of this Icon. 

As most people know, the Sorcerer's Hat was built for the 2001 celebration of Walt Disney's 100th birthday. As with the giant wand at was placed on Spaceship Earth the year before, it was suppose to be temporary. But unlike the Epcot decoration, the Hat stayed for the next 14 years. 

I am one of those that will openly say that I don't like the Hat, let me rephrase that, I like it, just not where it was. Hollywood Studios was built on the principal of old Hollywood. This Sorcerer Hat, while part of an old Hollywood cinema, didn't represent the landscape of the of that era. But the history of the Studios is not the point of the post. 

We were in Disney World when the announcement came through that the hat was coming down, I looked at my wife with a smile, it was great. She may actually get to see the park the way it was meant to be seen. But then I started to see the pictures of the demolishen and I was honestly crushed. This central piece of Hollywood Studios was more than an eyesore for a lot of us, it was what the younger generation thought of when you said Hollywood Studios.

For the Disney fans that are 14 and younger, or even those that are new to Disney World, have always walked in to the studios to see the Sorcerer's Hat at the end of Hollywood Boulevard, not remembering the beautiful Chinese Theater as the focal point. To the ones that grew up in Disney World, this would be like removing Spaceship Earth from Epcot. That may seem like a stretch, but for those people the hat belongs in the Studios just like Spaceship Earth belongs in Epcot. 

While I don't like the Hat in its former location, I believe that it has become part of the landscape of Hollywood Studios, and many expect to get a family picture with it as the backdrop. For those that don't like it, there is possibly two fans that do. 

No word has been said if this piece of Disney will be relocated, or what could take its spot. As Hollywood Studios is about to take on a major facelift, I believe we will hear something at D23 this August, if not sooner. 

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