Friday, June 19, 2015

DisEnvy at the Movies: Inside Out

I have never been overly critical of the Pixar films, I fact I love most of them, Cars and Cars 2 are the exception. They have been filled with orginality on some level, and they always get me involved with the story. Even the shorts have been great in their own right. This doesn't change with Inside Out. 

As the costum goes, Inside Out actually starts with the short called Lava, which is about a lonely volcano that watches couples and wishes he had someone to share his life with. The story is a musical with the volcano signing a song daily wishing for his match, stating that he will "Lava" them. Even with the chesseyness that this may sound like, it's really a beautiful short, both visually and story based. 

Inside Out is about the emotions Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness that live in Riley's head. We are introduced to each of them in ways you would think of a child experincing them. Joy runs the show for the most part, and all the important memories, core memories, are because of Joy's help. All is well in Riley's head, until a core memory that is sad shows up. Joy isn't to happen and tries to get rid of it sending Joy and Sadness into long term memory to find their way back to headquarters, leaving Anger, Fear and Disgust in charge until Joy returns. 

This loss of Joy takes us through the relationship of Riley and her parents  moving from here home in Minnesota to San Francisco for her dad's new job. We see the strain that a young girl goes through when losing all she knows and having to be the new kid in the area. 

To me this movie hits home in a lot of ways, and from the age I am now, looking back this movie would have been great to help understand what was going on. Although a completely fictional story, it helps kids to understand that talking about what they are feeling can help the healing process. 

Inside Out has a great voice cast with each voice actor bringing their character to life in the most believeable way. No one really steps out and over takes the rest talent wise, even if their role is small. 

In true Pixar form, Inside Out has humor and story that both children and adults will both enjoy and to date this is probably my favorite Pixar Movie. I'll be giving it another watch in theaters and a 9/10.   

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