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Jared after he completed the Goofy Challenge in 2013

Jared - Hi there, I'm Jared McLendon. I live right outside of Montgomery, AL. I work in IT for a small community bank just south of here.

I grew up watching the movies, the awesome cartoons, and actually submitted an application to be a Mouseketeer back in the late 80s what The All New Mickey Mouse Club debuted. I still can't believe they picked Justin Timberlake over me! I've been a Disney fan for as long as I can remember. Though I will say I've become much more active about it in the last year or so. And that's really where the name comes in to play.

Jason and I have been close friends for 6 years now and when he started planning his first trip, he asked if I wanted to tag along. I wasn't able to, but kept up with his trips, thanks to texts while he was down there. I constantly had (and have) DisEnvy while he's down there and I'm not.

Currently I'm trying to focus on the runDisney side of things. As a way to lose weight, to stay in shape, and to get to visit Disney more often. You can follow me on twitter @jkmc71

Jason with Sorcerer Mickey and Wife Beth

Jason - I haven't always had a huge fascination with Disney. I had always loved the movies, television shows, and the idea of Disney, but that was it. In fact before 2011,  I had only been to Walt Disney World 3 times, twice as a child and once as a teen. It was when I began planning the Disney Engagement that I really fell in love with the company, and what all they do. Since then we have been to Walt Disney World multiple times.

My favorite Disney movie happens to be Lion King, and my favorite character is Sorcerer Mickey. I am partial to Epcot, but love the Main Street Electrical Parade in the Magic Kingdom, even though I never saw SpectoMagic.

During the day I am a helicopter electrician and a youth minister. You can follow me on twitter @davisdisney